A real estate project marketing proposal is a type of a proposal which is made by a real estate company with the aim of suggesting a marketing plan or strategy for a real estate project.

The proposal must be formally drafted by a project marketing team of a real estate company and should be sent to higher level officials for their consent or approval. A sample of one such real estate project marketing proposal is given below and can be used by anyone for reference:

Sample Real Estate Project Marketing Proposal

Name of Real Estate Company: Breakthrough real estate solutions

Address of the real estate company: A-56, second floor, Fred tower, New Jersey

Contact number of Real Estate Company: 4730509505, 4730579050

Proposal designed and conceptualized by: Martin Johnson

Marketing Manager, Breakthrough real estate solutions

Proposal presented to: James Anderson, Vice President, Breakthrough real estate solutions

Proposal presented on: 18th March 2014

Real estate project marketing proposal:

Our upcoming real estate project needs a nationwide marketing so as to popularize its potential, its amenities, its facilities to all those who are looking for a comfortable yet luxurious residential property of their own or on lease.

Marketing plan:

We must use the medium of newspaper advertisement, banner advertisement, magazine advertisements and hoardings to market the project. We can also use the means of flyers and personalized emails to existing clients to given information about this project.

Details of the plan:

  • We must start publishing atleast 1 advertisement per week in all the major newspapers of New Jersey.
  • We must give one magazine advertisement in every monthly magazine that we are associated with.
  • We must put up hoardings and banners of this project at all major junctions of the city.
  • The ads must include the full view image of the project with its facilities and specialties.