A real estate purchase proposal is a type of a proposal which is made by a person who is interested in purchasing a real estate property from the owner and presents an attractive offer with a suitable price of purchase.

The proposal must give details of the purchase and also suggest why the owner of the property must sell it to the proposal presenter and not anyone else.   A sample of a proposal for real estate purchase is provided below for reference.

Sample Real Estate Purchase Proposal

Name of proposal presenter: Cecilia Ahern

Address of the proposal presenter: A-45, first floor, Real tower, ANC Street, London

Contact number of proposal presenter: 47039055, 47095905

Proposal presented to: Greg Adams, Owner, Real estate property

Proposal presented on: 5th May 2014

Proposal submitted on: 10th May 2014

Details of property:

Type: Residential villa

Address: D-45, Timothy Avenue, London

Purchase price: $10000

Proposal statement:

I, Cecilia Ahern, the senior marketing manager at Roberto Corporation am looking for a residential property and have taken a tour of your property with the broker. I am interested in the house and am willing to move in within one month.

Purchase details:

  • I am willing to pay the entire purchase price through cheque if you approve the proposal and will not take more than 30 days to move in.
  • We can frame a formal contract for real estate purchase which will list down all the clauses of purchase so as to avoid any confusions or misunderstandings during the term of contract.
  • I am willing to sign all transfership documents and understand that once transferred, the responsibility for further sale, lease or rent of the property will be mine completely.
  • I am a citizen of Britain and thus hold the right to buy the property legally from you.
  • If you agree, kindly send me a written approval.