Recruitment consulting proposal is one that is offered by a person willing to offer recruitment and hiring services for another company. The recruitment constancy proposal involves all the details about the person offering the consultancy such as recruitment company name, address and also summary of the services that the company provides. The proposal should contain all the information pertaining to the recruitment process offered by the consultancy apart from the consultancy fees charged by it.

Sample Recruitment consulting proposal

Recruitment consultancy company ————– Maxima Innovative recruitment Solutions Inc

Recruitment company address ———————- No-60, Maldon, Essex, London, CM9

Recruitment Company contact no —————- 011-234-56789

Recruitment Company email address ————-

Introduction about Maxima –

We are a UK certified recruitment company present in the field since 2008. We offer a wide range of recruitment services that suit the individual needs of every company. We work in a very professional manner and have been voted the best in terms of service satisfaction by association of companies consecutively for the last two years.

Description of recruitment services offered –

We offer recruitment consultancy as specified here under :-

  1. We offer recruitment consultancy for fulfilling the staffing needs of companies.

  2. We offer consultancy for companies belonging to various sectors such as IT, marketing, medical, construction and many more sectors.

  3. Our recruitment consultancy includes services such as identification of potential candidates for a specified position, first basic interview, short listing for final round of interview by company and lastly obtaining verification of candidates who have been selected for the job position by the company.

  4. We also offer indemnity insurance for staff recruited by our company wherein the credentials of the candidate become the responsibility of our company in case of any untoward activity indulged in by the candidate.

Fees for consultancy –

We charge a fee of 300 pounds for recruiting one candidate.