A recruitment proposal letter refers to any letter written by the member of an organisation to a higher authority individual/ official, in reference to the recruitment done by the business. The purpose of the letter is to discuss a certain aspect of the recruitment process for which the sender is making a proposition or a suggestion etc. These letters must be prepared in keeping with the formal letter format, just as in the sample below.

Sample Recruitment Proposal Letter:


Mrs. Cameron Roberts

Senior Executive, Human Resources Department

Bullion & Barrel Enterprises Ltd.

New Jersey, United States.

7th August 2013

Subject: Proposal regarding the recruitment process of the organisation.

Respected Mr. Roberts

I, Jimmy Thomas am writing this letter to discuss the current recruitment process and modes used by the organisation. In this letter I present a proposal which will help improve the current recruitment situation of the organisation.

I have gone through the recruitment mechanism followed by the organisation and have found that there are a few aspects which are adding to the inefficiency of the mechanism. There is also some scope to improve the reach of the organisation so as to attract more capable prospects for the vacancy listings. The observations I have made include

  • The job descriptions given for recruitment notifications have been found to be vague 7 out of 10 times. There is thus a need to make more precise and clear recruitment notifications.
  • The vagueness and lack of clarity about what the firm is recruiting for, results in many applicants responding due to misinformation. This slows down the whole process and also leads to waste of resources.

This aspect may seem like just one problem but is a major one and one that may continue to persist is actions not taken. I hope that the proposition/ suggestions made will be considered by the organisation.


Mr. Jimmy Thomas