Recycling has been accepted as one of the important part of today life. Hence, many companies or individual is adapting this process for a sustainable environment along with efficient utilization of resources without making any waste. Therefore, recycling business proposal should outline the objective of the concerned person or company effectively so that it gets extensive response from the intended people.

Sample Recycling Business proposal

Name of the recycling business: Green health recycling limited

About us: For years, we are recycling various useless or waste materials into utilizable products. This has not only made us a recognized organization for managing waste efficiently but also for sustaining green life. Along with waste management, we have also taken initiative for conducting green programs in various places.

Objective of the proposal: We are planning to extend our business in other parts of the country and mainly near to the industries producing enormous waste. This would help the industries to create a balanced environment around it so that it does not affect the social life.

Action Plans:

  • Implementing new equipments and technology for increasing recycling purpose.
  • Maintaining a sustainable industrial ecology.
  • Recycling materials into various useful things that could be utilized for different purposes.

Funding request: A total fund of $ 345,000 funds is required to begin the process of various units.

Funds raised till date: A total capital of $ 231,000 has been raised through various industries.

Last date of proposal acceptance: If you wish to set up our recycling plant around your industry then accept the proposal within 5th July 2011