A rental proposal letter is the letter through which an entity is proposing to rent out a property/ item to another person or entity.  The letter is addressed to the owner of the item that the sender wishes to rent out. The letter must present the proposal in the best possible manner so as to convince the addressee to agree to or approve of the proposal. A sample of the proposal letter is being given below for general reference.

Sample Rental Proposal Letter:


Mr. Rick Beam

43rd and Mains, Fifth Avenue

Midtown Manhattan, New York

United States of America.

12th April 2013

Subject: Proposal to rent out the manufacturing and warehousing facility in Brooklyn.

Dear Mr. Rick Beam

I, Samantha Roberts, am writing this letter on behalf of the Bart Group of Companies, to discuss the rental matter of the manufacturing and warehousing facility located in Brooklyn.

We have been trying to rent out the property owned by you for our business purposes. But as it is evident this key piece of property is of importance to a lot of other businesses we have thus come with a rental proposal to persuade you to rent out the said property to Bart Group.

The details of the proposal we are making are:

  • Bart Group will pay a rental amount that is 9% in increment to the estimated rental value of the property.
  • The company will enter a contract of 3 years with the owner of the property.
  • In addition to the 9% incremental rent, the company is offering you with equity shares of the new project for which the above mentioned property is being acquired.

We hope that this proposal will entice you to consider the option and that you will agree on our terms.  Hoping to hear from you soon,


Mrs. Samantha Roberts