A Republican health care proposal is a healthcare plan propositioned by the Republican party of America. There are two main parties in US politics – Democratic and Republican. Healthcare is an important issue for both parties and they have their own healthcare proposals to benefit the people of the nation. A Republican health care proposal lays out the plan and process of expanding healthcare benefits to different sections of the society and how they can receive both financial and health benefits from the programme. The time and cost of implementing the programme is also mentioned in the Republican health care proposal.

Sample Republican Health Care Proposal:

Name of agency: Republican Health Care Department

Address: 82 West Hill Lane, Washington DC

Republican Health Care proposal prepared on: November 29, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Gary Jones

Chief of Republican Health Care Department

Proposal submitted on: December 8, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: James Roomer

President of Republican Health Care Department

Proposal name: Health Care Proposal for All

Purpose: The purpose of the Republican Health Care proposal is to make excellent and affordable healthcare facilities available to all sections of the society and every member irrespective of their physical condition

Details of Republican Health Care Proposal:

  • The health research proposal will be submitted to the Senate on February 1, 2012
  • If it is approved of, it will be implemented as soon as possible
  • All public and private insurance companies shall have to comply with the rules of the programme

Estimated cost of the project: $2 billion

Amount of funds requested: $1 billion