Research and development proposal is presented by a researcher, scientist, research institute etc depicting the objective and scope for implementing any particular research work and prerequisites needed for developing it successfully. Therefore, the document should be constructed precisely in order to receive maximum acceptance from the intended people.

Sample Research and Development Proposal

Title: Research on “Prevention of Work Place Violence”

Proposal presented by: Nancy Lewis

Research Scientist- Department of Psychology

Institute of Human Psychology Research

Proposal presented for: Honorable Government of United States of America

Proposal submitted on: 9th April 2011

Executive Summary of the proposal:

Often it has been observed that there is a huge behavioral change among the office colleagues, subordinates or senior authority in the work place. Sometimes these changes are welcoming; otherwise, it is really concerning. If it is concerning, then it has got various aspect of stress for an individual and can cause havoc at times.

Thus, through my year long research on human psychology, I find this particular aspect is the reason behind the disturbed mental health.

Through my research on “Prevention of Work Place Violence” I have developed various strategies in each step. It has given amazing result whenever implemented on various victims.

I solicit this proposal to the honorable government for further development of this research work and for gaining tools, knowledge for pursuing extensive research work on it.

Funds invested till date for this research work: $3699 approximately.

Timeline for developing this research work extensively: Maximum of 2 years.

Last date for submitting proposal acceptance: 19th May 2011