A research design proposal is a document which outlines the tentative manner in which a research project shall be conceptualized, implemented and executed. It must be written well in order to present a clear and cogent picture of the whole procedure. Such a document can be created by a company’s research team or by an individual research scholar.

Sample Research Design Proposal

Name of research project: The Impact of the Renaissance on Early Modern Women

Research project conducted by: Simon Roberts

Designation: student, currently pursuing an M.Phil. degree from the University of Oxford.

Date of commencement of research project: 22nd April 2011.

Nature of research design proposal:

  • This research design proposal is for my PhD thesis on the topic mentioned above.
  • I have enclosed a month by month schedule of my thesis duration, which shall last two years.
  • I have also prepared a cost estimate of the two years which is the duration of the research project.
  • This research design has been prepared by e with assistance and creative input from my research advisor Dr. Susan Lancaster.
  • The date of termination of the research project is approximately July 2013

Places I shall have to visit in order to complete my research: The Central Library-Rome, The British Library, France as well as Scotland. Travel expenses are a part of my scholarship for my thesis.

Estimated cost of the research project: $ 30000

Funding available: I have received a full scholarship for my PhD thesis. This includes college tuition fees as well as living and travel expenditure.

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