A research funding proposal is a layout designed for the purpose of obtaining funds for a particular research project. Whether an agency or an individual, whoever may be performing the project, it is important for them to familiarize themselves with the potential funding sources or companies, clearly stating their specific requirements and mechanism of working. Such a proposal has to include sufficient and convincing information that would help in proving the project worthy of earning support through funds and also ensure successful implementation.

Sample Research Funding Proposal

Name of the research project: Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting of Sexual Violence and Exploitation

Name of the organization conducting the research work: SRM University for Higher Studies

Address: 75 – G/II, Sandagra Lane, LA.

Head of the research project team: Miss Julia Gomes.

Contact Number: 46519283678330

Website: www.sexualviolenceandexploitationresearch.edu

Time frame for the project: 22nd August, 2011 – 22nd March, 2012

Estimated Budget: $ 6000000

Purpose: To bring to the notice of layman the stark rise in the rates of sexual violence and exploitation, both at home and outside.

Details of research project:

  • To identify and assess the aforesaid problem, especially in conflict situations.
  • To report the findings of the issue and propose steps of designing a standardized system for solving the problems and preventing any further instances.
  • A wide range of experts will post their views and advises, including scholars from various fields like human rights, health, political science, statistics, demography and conflict resolution.
  • The research project in question is important and relevant to the declared interests of prospective fund-donating clients.

Last day for collecting funds: 5th August, 2011

All organizations interested in funding the research project are requested to contact at the earliest.