Research job proposal is presented by a research oriented institute or organization to the prospective employee or client depicting their need for a particular job position. The intention of such proposal could be varied ranging from seeking an employee to introduction of new required job position for accomplishing a particular research work.

Sample Research Job Proposal

Name of the proposal: Job proposal for the new position of research assistant

Date of the proposal: 5th of May 2011

Prepared by: Joanas Thomson

Researcher of Medical Oncology

Oncology institute of medical science

Summary of the research work

My research work is completely based on medical oncology for creating a new drug for prostrate carcinoma. Acid phosphate is the essential component I am utilizing for achieving this new product. I am on the initial stage of my research work and looking for a talented person in this field who have a strong bend of mind for research work.

Task to perform:

  • Proficient in the subject and should have a better understanding in implementation of various clinical techniques.
  • Have to assist me in carrying out every kind of work associated with this research.
  • Must prepare the thorough research report through proper analyzation and estimation.
  • Should have the capability to propose any new idea so that it helps the research work to take a new dimension.

Budget of the research: $50000

Duration: Maximum 2years

Last date of proposal acceptance: 7th October 2011


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