Research marketing proposal is presented by business or research authority depicting their plans regarding marketing regulation. Hence, such a proposal should be constructed with utmost proficiency so that the intended people could realize its importance.

Sample Research Marketing Proposal

Title of the proposal: Proposal for marketing of research work

Date of the proposal: 5th April 2011

Prepared by: Richiee Madlock

Head Researcher of Oncology Science

Institute of Medical Oncology

Research work summary:

I along with a team of researcher is working on drug designing of prostrate carcinoma. We are mainly working with Acid phosphatase and Amino Transferase. We are on the initial stage of the research and wish the participation of various other oncology researchers who are also working on the same subject. This would help us to find something valuable for the society.

What we expect from our associates:

  • Must have profound knowledge of the subject and proficient skills in handling various clinical techniques.
  • Should have previous research work so that it could be contributed in recent development.
  • Should have the capability of carrying out the research work with thorough analyzation.

Plans for marketing regulation: We wish to market the research work through various Cancer hospitals and research institutes, newspapers and television channels.

The promotional process regarding the research work would be carried out by different means as well through collaboration with colleges having medical oncology courses in their curriculum.

Estimated budget for marketing regulation: $45000 approximately

Last date of proposal acceptance: 7th May 2011