A research project proposal is one which outlines the modules which will be followed by a research project so that it is implemented without a glitch. It serves as a very important document in the planning and conceptualization of the research project and thus must be written well. It can be of enormous help for the proper planning of the project.

Sample Research Project Proposal

Name of research project: The Advent of Printing in the Middle Ages.

Research project conducted by: Yvonne Richards

Nature of research project: Ph.D. Thesis

Project funded by: University Commission, USA and New York Institute of Social Sciences.

Salient points:

  • This research project will be conducted using archival materials in England as well as in Germany.
  • The project requires funds amounting to approximately $30000.
  • The first phase of funds has been released by the University Commission. The second phase will be released after a year’s research upon a detailed outline of its progress and results.
  • The time needed for the completion of the project is three years.
  • The need for greater research in the area of print technology has been proportionate to the interest in the materiality of the book. Book history and printing technology are deeply interconnected and this research project will explore the links between the two.
  • I will explore the early printed books as well as their difference from and similarity to the prevalent manuscript culture. The advent of printing and the beginning of the European Renaissance is also an area of interest.

Proposal submitted by: Yvonne Richards, on the 21st of May 2011