A research proposal format provides a schematic outline of a research proposal. It lays down the formal structure of the details of a research proposal. This sort of a document demands judicious use of words yet clear expression of researcher’s intentions regarding why he wants to work for the concerned institution.

Sample Research Proposal Format

Title of the proposal ________________________

Date _____________________

First paragraph: The first paragraph must provide the name of the organization which commissions the need of a research followed by the name of the agency proposing the research. The qualification of the researcher must be incorporated to understand if the concerned person would be capable of conducting a valid research. The number of researches conducted must be counted in to be perfectly sure of the researcher’s competencies. The document must bear the date of the proposal too.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must have a brief description of the research topic along with the research specifications. It must lay down the techniques with which the institution expects the research to be materialized. The credibility of the research findings would depend on the procedures followed to reach the core of the matter. The research components must be given due coverage and any ambiguity should be strictly avoided. It must provide the reason for proposal and the purpose achieved by researcher as well as the institution as a whole.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must give a standardised conclusion of the research proposal. It must indicate the tentative date of starting the research if accepted and how the researcher’s field of specialization can be put into use.