A research proposal guide gives a clear idea on how to craft an acceptable research proposal that is accepted in most universities. If the proposal is constructed on the following given guides then it will be easier for the authorities to give a judgement on the proposal and will simplify the process of approval.

Sample Research Proposal Guide

The sub headings are as follows:

  1. Research topic title – Here the working title of the research topic is to be given. It may or may not become the title finally though.
  2. Summary – Here a brief summary of proposed research is to be given which should not exceed more than 100 words. The language should be easily understandable. It should also summarise the aim of the research, its significance and contribution and the expected results.
  3. Introductory background – Here the questions related to research are going to be asked. It would also include the hypothesis or problem that needs to be addressed. The theoretical methods that are going to be used in this research purposes are to be explained as well.
  4. Budget – Some of the anticipated costs such as travelling, raw materials and experimental machinery cost are accounted for in this.
  5. Timeline and research plan – The time required to complete the research can be given in a simple timeline or as a Gantt chart form. It is quite provisional and is subject to change. It is better to keep a second copy of this.
  6. References and bibliography – an account of the references and bibliography from internet and library are to be given.