A research proposal template serves as the basic design for a particular research report. All the details of the concerned research are incorporated in a template to throw light on the research field and to establish the validity and reliability of the tools used, results and procedures of the research.

Sample Research Proposal Template

Name of the research organization: _______________________ [Mention the name of the institution in which the research will be conducted]

Research proposal given by: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the individual or department petitioning for the research proposal]

Name of the sponsor: ___________________________________ [Provide the name of the company sponsoring the research operation]

Criteria and eligibilities required of the researcher:

Criterion 1: ___________________________________

Criterion 2: ___________________________________ [Briefly explain the requirements of the researcher that the institution demands]

Date of submission of research proposal: ________________________ [Give the correct date of submission of the research proposal]

Purpose of research proposal:

  • Purpose 1: ___________________________________
  • Purpose 2: ___________________________________ [State the objectives of presenting the research proposal]

Techniques proposed in the research proposal:

  • Technique 1: __________________ Purpose 1: _____________________
  • Technique 2: __________________ Purpose 2: _____________________ [Name the techniques to be employed  along with the purpose each of them serves in the research procedure]

Specifications made in research proposal:

  • Specification 1: _________________________________________________
  • Specification 2: _________________________________________________
  • Specification 3: _________________________________________________ [Briefly elucidate the fields of research work and the objectives attained by the exploration of the specified field]

Date of commencement of research: ____________________________ [Give the approximate date when the research applicant would be able to start the research as proposed]