Research proposals outline the salient features of an individual’s research paper or a company’s research project. It is a document prepared before the actual research itself. It is similar to an abstract but a research proposal is more developed and comprehensive than an abstract. Research proposals must be framed carefully as often the granting of funds and scholarships is dependent on the proposal submitted. It must be worded correctly and convey exactly what the research is going to be based on. A research proposal is an important manifesto as it is used to judge the candidate’s skills. It is like a first impression.

Following are the factors that should be considered while drafting a research proposal:

  • A research proposal must contain a clear outline of the research that is intended. It must also outline why the research is necessary and how it will contribute to the existing body of knowledge in that field.
  • The details of funding required and capital accrued must be mentioned.
  • The method of pursuing research including proper citing of sources and resources that are going to be used most must also be specified.
  • The candidate’s prior experience of research or work in his or her field must be given to provide an assessment of skills.
    Research proposals are extremely important documents. They not only help to acquire funds but they also help to clarify the path of research in the mind of the researchers himself.  They are a testimony to the candidate’s skills and they help in anchoring his or her focus. Thus they must be formulated correctly and cautiously in order to be sufficiently impressive.