A research report proposal is a layout that outlines a detailed report of some particular research project. It is to be designed in a comprehensive manner so as to cover all salient features of the respective research work and provide an overview after thorough analysis of the same.

Sample Research Report Proposal

Name of the organization: Life Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 98/B, Ring Road, New Delhi.

Year of establishment: 1750

Proposal signed by: Mr. Raman S. Srinivas

Date of proposal: 15th June, 2011

Purpose of the proposal: This proposal is being launched to provide an analytical glimpse of the extensive research work done on the effect of various drugs and medications to help cure diabetes, an ever-increasing serious health problem now-a-days.

Overview of the research report proposal:

  • The research was targeted towards diabetic patients from various walks of life – office goers, business people, housewives, senior citizens as well as students and young people, and also doctors.
  • It was an extensively performed research work carried over a long period of time, wherein a number of new and exclusive medications were experimented on the patients, although in small quantities so as not to produce any harmful side effects, and most of them reacted favourably.
  • Various drug formulations were a part of this research work and have been tested in the laboratories, the report of which suggest that they will produce some revolutionary medicines which would further help in fighting diabetes effectively.
  • A number of natural tips and techniques to prevent diabetes and also to diagnose the symptoms at the earliest possible instance have been stated in this research report.

Budget for the research report: $115000

For further details please contact:

Mr. Raman S. Srinivas

Managing Director

Life Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Website: www.curediabetes@lifecare.co.in