A residential construction proposal is a planned layout of a document that is presented to the concerned authority like a local government for the purpose of constructing a residential complex in a particular area. The proposal is centered on the details of accomplishing a project of such magnitude and also contains little pertinent and basic information like the name of the construction company, the designer of the proposal and the gross budget amount required to process the whole project. The residential construction proposal also does indicate the timeframe for the project to be operated to start functioning within the necessary regulatory framework.

Sample Residential Construction Proposal

Name of the construction company: True-Blue Realtors Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 65 Hedge Avenue, Manchester – 29, UK

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Tim Anderson

The estimated budget: $ 1,000,000

The time frame for the whole project to be completed: 12 to 14 months

The work details of the residential construction proposal:

  • Locating a zone where the residential complex can be set up.
  • Maintaining the laid environmental regulations at the time of processing the whole project.
  • Discussing and incorporating the regulatory norms with the business partner.
  • Incorporating the safety regulations with accuracy.

The primary objectives of the residential construction proposal:

  • Establishing a commercial venture with the business partner, in this case the concerned government authority, improving growth of funds on both the fronts.
  • Providing good quality residential luxury to many families from the upper-middle class and the middle-class segments.

Signature of the proposal coordinator: Mrs. Paula Baker