The residential property management proposal is a written record of the proposed plans and strategies for management of any residential property. Residential properties are being rented and/or leased these days, and it is important for the landlords to manage them efficiently. It is here that owners of residential properties ask for professional help, which are presented in the form of proposals. It is thus important to frame such proposals in a precise and professional manner, specific to the particular property’s details and purpose.

Sample Residential Property Management Proposal:

Proposal for: 18C, Dream House Apartments

C/O, Peter Jonathan Marc

67, Princeton Avenue

London, UK

Residential Property Details: 12 nos. 3-BHK Flats, 25 nos. 2-BHK Flats, 16 nos. 1-BHK Flats, 4 Swimming Pools [in various locations], 3 Gymnasium, 7 Community Centres, 2 Medical Units, and 1 Shopping Zone.

Purpose of the proposal:

We have come up with this proposal after having thoroughly gone through the details of your residential property. We understand the need for effective management of the same and have thus included separate and specific strategies for each of the features that comprise your property. The proposal would cater to all your needs and look after each and every distinct aspect of the property.

Details of the proposal:

The detailed description of the proposal has been mentioned below:

  • Property Evaluation: It is an important task to evaluate your property at regular intervals. We would employ professional personnel for all statistical study and evaluations involved.
  • Market Evaluation: The market needs to be studied thoroughly to ensure you make investments in the right place at the right time. The market evolves continuously, and it would be our responsibility to keep a tab on the same. This proposal includes all such details of implementation of the same.
  • Tenant Recognition: We establish trust at any endeavour we embark upon. Hence, we will always make sure that the tenants we suggest for your property are identified citizens of the nation.
  • Security: We are a recognized organization that assures complete security of your property and related assets.

We believe in growing with our clients, and hence ensure total involvement and sincerity in the work. Hope our proposal suits your purpose. Please feel free to drop a mail at or  call at: 17891999662778.