A resort management proposal is an official document that covers aspects concerning the management of a resort. Resorts are units that host food as well as lodging facilities, and thus require managing a number of facets of hospitality. It is important for a resort to be located ideally, so as to attract maximum customer visits, and also be constructed and operated in ways that assure the best stays. Hence, a resort management proposal needs to be framed in a way that contains all these important features and can provide effective management techniques for the resort.

Sample Resort Management Proposal:

Proposal for: Grand Resorts Pvt. Ltd., New York

Proposed By: Well Serve Association and Consultancy Services, New York

Proposal placed as on: 24th September, 2014


Well Serve Association and Consultancy Services has always studied market trends thoroughly, and has identified Grand Resorts Pvt. Ltd. to be a prospective winner in this field. We recognize with the visions of this organization and hence propose a management system that would suit your business purposes and help excel in this arena.

The management proposal comprises of the following directives for action:

  • Area and Locality Management – The resort needs to survey the area specific to its business. Every location has certain specific characteristics and the resort management has to identify those specific features and expand execution plans corresponding to those.
  • Customer Management – Every business needs to study its clients thoroughly and the resort would be no exception. As per our proposal plan, the resort management techniques will revolve around the survey results and evaluation of clients and their respective demands. Any strategy that needs to be implemented must comply with the customer demands, in a way such that it satisfies needs of the visitors and enhances profit making.
  • Special Care and Hospitality – The business sector resorts function in is a very sensitive area, hence, it is important that the prime concern be client satisfaction. All endeavours must be focused on achieving the same, by extending proper care and support always.