A response to proposal letter is a document written in reply to any proposal. The firm which has been approached with an offer must write back to the proposing company or individual to intimidate them about the fact that it is interested in availing the offer. Such a response should me made shortly after receiving the proposal. The tone of the letter should be strictly formal.

Sample Response to Proposal Letter


Nelch Hewitt,

6, Hill Street, Buckingham

Subject: Response to Proposal Letter

Reference: Application given for the position of chief sales executive on 6th July, 2011


This is to inform you that the board of directors has reached this decision that you fit the role of a sales executive perfectly. We have gone through your credentials and have arrived at this conclusion that you would be suitable for the post given your formal training and academic performances. However, due to lack of practical experiences at a reputable firm earlier, we cannot place you in the chief sales executive post.

The remuneration per annum is $5, 0000 in addition to certain benefits. We are sending you a copy [page 2] of the beneficiary details. The list of rules and regulations of the company have been also cited in the following page [page 3] which needs to be duly signed and returned to the head office by 1st September,2011. You have been appointed a meeting with the chairman on the same day at 11 am.

Kindly note, if you fail to be present in the meeting, we will consider the next candidate in waiting for the said job.

Thanking you,

Louis Venice


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