A restaurant is always welcomed by the public if it has got something refreshingly exclusive to offer. A restaurant construction proposal is an official document that has the plan of building a restaurant in a specific area. The company that designs the proposal presents it to the local government or the municipality or any other concerned administrative authority with whom it intends to go for a commercial tie-up. The certain objectives of the project are clearly mentioned in the document. The restaurant construction proposal also contains the particular work details of the project. It has the time-frame mentioned for the project to be completed.

Sample Restaurant Construction Proposal:

Name of the company: The Good-mason Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 11 / D Cliff Road, Baltimore – 32, Maryland, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Jonathon Hicks

The time-frame for the project to be completed: 4 – 5 months

The estimated budget for processing the project: $ 2, 50, 000

The work details of the restaurant construction proposal:

  • Focusing on the strategically viable location to set up the restaurant.
  • Executing the administrative obligations with support from the partnering authority.
  • Incorporating the mandatory safety and environmental regulations.
  • Streamlining the logistics for a flawless processing.

The main objectives of the restaurant construction proposal:

  • To mutually establish a commercially successful venture with the concerned administrative authority.
  • To provide the public with a marvelous restaurant equipped with excellent food and service facilities.
  • To provide employment to people with degrees and experience in restaurant management.

Signature of the project coordinator: Mr. Dave Best