A restaurant consulting proposal is a document which is prepared and presented by a consultancy agency or a qualified consultant to a restaurant, i.e., its manager or any other concerned party. It must be a well written document and the points presented must be done so in a lucid and comprehensive manner. In order to be of help and importance, such a document must be well thought out.

Sample Restaurant Consulting Proposal

Name of restaurant consultancy agency: Raters Consultancy Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of restaurant consulting proposal: 22nd May 2011

Name of restaurant whose services have been scrutinized: Sasha’s, New Appleton street, New York.

Nature of restaurant consulting proposal:

  1. We were requested to inspect the above mentioned restaurant by a written request dated 3rd July 2010.
  2. Since then we have conducted a thorough scrutiny and inspection of the restaurant, its quality of food, prices, performance of staff and general ambience and atmosphere as well as customer satisfaction.
  3. Customer satisfaction has been the most crucial index of judging the restaurants performance.

Areas of improvement:

The restaurant scores well on most fronts. However, some areas can be helped with definite improvement. The restaurant’s location is a deterrent to some patrons especially to those who do not have personal means of conveyance. The quality of the food is excellent but the selection could do with some expansion as well. The customer satisfaction index is high and thus the restaurant is keeping its patrons happy. These changes, if incorporated could work wonders for the already successful restaurant.

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