A restaurant franchise proposal is one that provides all the details that are necessary for obtaining the franchise of a reputed restaurant. This proposal provides details about the business that wishes to take up a new franchise unit from an established chain of restaurants.

This proposal should be written in an organized manner by keeping in viewpoints such as feasibility, location, financial strength, capability to run restaurant etc. A restaurant franchise proposal example has been provided here below for better understanding about it.

Sample Restaurant Franchise Proposal

The following is an extract from the restaurant franchise proposal presented by ABC Company Private Limited to XYZ Group of Restaurants.

Franchise proposal presented by: ABC Company Private Limited

Date of submission of franchise proposal: 22 May 2013

Franchise proposal presented to: XYZ Group of Restaurants

Purpose of franchise proposal: To request for setting up a new franchise unit for the XYZ Group of Restaurants in Manchester location.

  • We have an approved and legally acquired land of appropriate size which is very near, actually less than 1 kilometer from the central business district.
  • This piece of land already has a structure left over from the earlier restaurant that it used to house, which is closed down now since the company who rented it earlier to use as a restaurant has sold off its assets and went into another business.
  • Please find enclosed the relevant documents like title to the deed for the land and a letter of guarantee in lieu of us using your setup and food machinery at our property.
  • We also propose to fund half the investment that you would like to make on our property to create the entire setup and make the franchise unit functional at the earliest possible.

Appreciate a quick response.

Managing Director,

ABC Company Private Limited