Restaurant project proposal is one which provides the idea for setting up a restaurant business. The thoughts and views should be discussed to run the restaurant in a well organized manner which is to be launched. There are various sections that needs to be included in the restaurant proposal and should be taken care of. The proposal should also discuss about the restaurant location, the size and it’s designing.

Sample Restaurant Project Proposal

Name of Restaurant project proposal: New Kitchen

Restaurant for which the project proposal is made: New Kitchen’s Restaurant.

Date of submission of restaurant project proposal: 1st January 2014

Restaurant project proposal presented by: Menezes Co. Pvt Ltd

About the Restaurant:

New Kitchen’s Restaurant is proposing to launch a very new and attractive restaurant which offers the best quality and standard food items to the customers.  The main objective of this restaurant is to maintain quality of the food and gain customers heart so that they only visit New Kitchen’s Restaurant when it comes to eating any type of delicious foods.

 Restaurant Project Strategies:

  • The restaurant project presentation will be placed in order to mention the design, area of the restaurant, the number of staffs, and the type of food that will be catered to the customers.
  • With all the objectives, discussions and suggestion New Kitchen’s Restaurant will create a record in attracting more and more customers. It will also take care of the prices of the meals which will be served in the restaurant, which will surely make the customers delighted.
  • New Kitchen’s Restaurant shall also have website for the customers to know the complete details about them and their kitchen. The position of the restaurant will be in such a way to catch everybody’s attention and the customers will also be able to have a good and scenic view while having their meals.

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