Retail business proposal helps an individual to outline his objectives and plans related to his business. Inorder to make the proposal valuable to the potential customers and clients, this kind of proposals must define the goals, problems etc with clarity.

Sample Retail Business Proposal

Name of the business plan: Yoga studio retail business

Proposal Prepared for: Elina Shamsaon

Head Loan officer (Edinburg Bank)

Proposal Prepared By: Allan Douglas

Senior head of the organization

Description of the proposal:  Yoga studio retail business needs loan to open their first studio. Funding is to cover the overall process and its opening in a retail mall. Hence, requesting a loan of $90,000.


As yoga, turning out to be a trend for having fitness and healthy bodies, the demand for advancement in yoga teachings is also increasing. We provide traditional and unique yoga classes. This is the reason why we attract most customers than any other typical yoga studios do. Hence, we are planning to expand so that the customers are benefitted extensively.

Expected cost:  $80,000, which includes salaries of the teachers, setting up new advanced equipments, construction, retail shop inventory, marketing, insurance, rent/lease of the place, Studio managing software designs etc.

Current available capital: $ 30,000

Marketing regulation: Marketing would be done through distribution of pamphlets within the mall and leaflets throughout the city. Moreover, advertisement would also be regulated through various channels of radio and television.

The last date of accepting the fund: 3rd August 2011

Date of opening the studio:5th November 2011

Kindly accept the proposal within 3rd July 2011

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