A retail lease proposal refers to a document which presents a proposal regarding the lease of a retail outlet, store, mall or any building that serves a commercial purpose. Many properties are given out on retail lease and proposals are invited regarding the property. The information provided in the retail lease proposal pertains to the various terms and conditions to be followed by the lessee who has rented the retail property and if the terms are approved by the lessee and the owner of the property, a formal agreement is drawn outlining the details. The retail lease proposal must give information about the size of the property, the rent, notice period and other rules to be followed by the lessee.

Sample Retail Lease Proposal:

Name of leasing agency: Commercial Realtors

RFP number: 940335

Name of owner of property: Anthony Gervais

Address: 92 East end Drive, Los Angeles

Name of property: Collection Mall

Address of property: 24 High Hills Lane, Los Angeles

Proposal prepared on: December 20, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Gary Karnic

Manager, Commercial Realtors

Proposal submitted on: December 29, 2011

Proposal topic: Lease proposal of retail property

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is lay down the terms of leasing the first floor of the mall located in the address mentioned above

Details of Retail Lease Proposal:

  • The mall has a total area of 40,000 sq ft and out of this 10,000 sq ft of the first floor shall be leased out.
  • The rent for the property is $80,000 per month plus utilities bills.

Proposal signed and approved by:

Lessor                                                           Lessee

Date                                                              Date