A retail sales proposal is a formally drafted proposal which is aimed to convince the recipient about the benefits of a certain retail sales arrangement. Such a proposal is framed by retail stores or companies and is sent to suppliers to urge them to sell their products through the retailer.  The proposal must be very professional in its tone and structure and should be backed with proof of the retailer’s credibility. A sample is provided below.

Sample Retail Sales Proposal:

Date of presentation: 29th May 2014

Proposal presented by: Ms. Leah Hens, COO, Bowhead Stores Ltd.

Proposal presented to:Mr. Liam Grant, CEO (Business Division), Jacobs Creations.

About the Stores:

We have two stores in the city which spread over a huge area and attract a lot of customers from all demographics of the economy. We have been operational in the country for the past 17 years and have 53 stores all across.

Proposal Details:

  • A separate section will be set up for the sale of clothes under the brand name Jacobs Designs.
  • We will assign two female and two male sales people to this section who will deal only in the sales of these products.
  • These individuals will be well trained and skilled individuals to make proper sales and provide right guidance to the clients while meeting all of their requirements.

Benefits of the proposal to the Designs manufacturer:

  • We have a huge customer base with two major stores in the main markets in the city. This will provide a huge exposure to the designs in this city.
  • The focus sales person we will appoint to the section will bring required focus to the design collection itself.
  • We hope that this proposal acceptance will be the beginning of a long lasting business relationship between the design creation and the store chain.