A risk management proposal is an important document created by a company where one lays down the various risks the business may face. This plays a crucial role in formulating the company’s business strategy and development of business as it outlines the financial risks, risks related to a customer base, funding problems, ratings risks etc, and suggests measures to counter those problems. The proposal must clearly mention the risks that you plan to address and how they will affect your business. Based on that, a business plan is created to prevent those problems and minimize the risks.

Sample Risk Management Proposal:

Name of company: New Age Inc

Address: 920 Putnam Lane, Austin

Proposal prepared on: February 29, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Ryan Adams

Manager, New Age Inc

Proposal submitted on: March 1, 2012

Proposal name: Proposal to create risk management strategy

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is lay down the risks faced by the business and measures that will help counter those risks

Other details of Risk Management Proposal:

  • The important risks that this business faces are changes in the profile of the customers, retaining old customers and getting new ones.
  • In order to counter that we need to have a new sales and marketing plan which will inform our customers about our brands and make them stick to our products without drifting off to other companies
  • Additional training must be provided to the sales and marketing department in order to make them more proactive in retaining the customers

Proposal accepted and approved by: Arthur Canning

President, New Age Inc