A road construction proposal is generally a written document by which a construction agency approaches another company to sign a partnership deal for a road construction project. This type of a project is generally designed first, then placed out for bid and some contractor and his team does the final work. A proposal of such a form requires enough transparency and accuracy for future reference.

Sample Road Construction Proposal

Detailed information about the construction project:-

Name of agency: Revolutionary Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Address: 73 – H/ II, Dixon Lane, London.

Contact Number: 63841043947350

Name of project: Broadway Road Construction Project

Area of construction: Shildon town in east London

Time frame for execution of the construction project: 2nd August, 2011 – 15th October, 2011

Estimated cost of the total project: $ 50000

The objectives planned to be achieved by this construction project are stated below:

  • Construction of a road of high quality that would ensure easy transportation
  • The path to be followed by the road has been designed so as to connect the major trading spots and business houses, industries and commercial areas.
  • The engineers to be involved in the construction work will be given advanced training of new techniques and methods.

Work Plan to be adopted for road construction:

  • To start with, this project, a workshop is to be organized first in collaboration with the local municipal authorities and discuss all pros and cons of the construction issue in that particular area.
  • A project manager is to be appointed who is to prepare the construction schedule, allocate manpower, equipments and machines and also handle the budget.
  • Other workers need to be assigned for different jobs involved in the project.
  • Each step of construction needs proper analysis and corrections whenever required.
  • A final overview is to be prepared after completion of the project.

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