A romantic dinner proposal is one in which one can express desire for an intimate and romantic dinner with a loved one without sounding tacky or corny. A romantic dinner is an extremely clichéd idea thanks to its overutilization in movies and TV shows. However, it still retains some of its charm and the romantic dinner proposal can be made to sound unique as well.

Sample Romantic Dinner Proposal:

Dear Sarah

I know you do not like the idea of clichéd proposals, but honey, there is still nothing as soothing and romantic and expressive of intimacy as a romantic candle lit dinner. There is something so tactile and sensual about good food and a relaxing atmosphere that it makes you want to push all your worries away for those special moments of togetherness. It is so evocative and we really should be a part of the joy that a romantic dinner encompasses.

I know you like your Italian, and so I have booked a place at Alessandro’s for Saturday at 8 pm. Keeping privacy in mind, I have specifically asked for the alcove diner and I hope that the combination of good, simple Italian cuisine and my delightful company shall remain etched in your memory forever. I also have a special surprise for you which I hope you will cherish forever.

I will pick you up at about 7pm on Saturday. I cannot wait to see your face when you see my surprise though I have a feeling that you have probably guessed it by now due to my gushing about it.



Date: 3rd June 2011