A romantic engagement proposal is a proposal for a romantic engagement given to the bride’s guardian by the groom or groom’s family. It is a formal way to give credence to a romantic liaison for a relationship to culminate into marriage. It must be written decently to acknowledge the family’s importance and acceptance.

Sample Romantic Engagement Proposal

Bride’s name: Miss Catherine Gomes

Guardian’s name: George Gomes

Relation with bride: Father

Date of proposal: 14th May 2011

Objective: I propose to make your daughter my life partner. We know each other since college and we have been great friends since then. I consider myself fortunate that I know a person like your daughter who epitomizes the right blend of beauty and elegance. She has made a mark in education and family care with ease and that makes her different from all career oriented women. Her behavior exudes tenderness and womanliness while she still holds the stability and openness of a man’s mind. She is understanding and rational at the same time. She is the woman every modern man would want as wife.


  • I am presently a lecturer at the Festoon University of New York.
  • I am into research work with the university’s wing and travel across the city occasionally for that purpose.
  • My father is a reputed lawyer and mother is a distinguished school teacher.
  • I have done my junior schooling from St Joseph’s School with a degree in English.

I promise to keep your daughter happy to the extent it is humanly possible for me.

Harry Button (Groom)