A romantic girlfriend proposal is a proposal made to the girl friend in most romantic way. In this proposal you get the opportunity to express your dreams and desires to the love of your life. You must try to plan this proposal keeping the likings of your girl friend in mind. You must try your level best to make this day the most memorable day of your life. You can propose your girlfriend over the dinner, or on the top of the mountain, in a private function or at a public place; in any cast the ultimate goal is to converse your feelings in the best possible manner.

To enhance the chances of accepting the proposal you must plan it according to the preferences of your girlfriend. These proposals can be sent through letters and emails and usually youngsters adopt this style to propose to their girlfriends.

Sample Romantic Girlfriend Proposal:


Christine Grooves

C-13, Birmingham,

West Midlands

Dear Christine,

You are like the colorful rainbow which brings smile and bliss on every face. Since I saw you for the first time, my life revolves only around you. Your extraordinary outlook and excellent approach pulls me all the time. I wish to spend more and more time with you. I wish you like this card and chocolates. It has been a year since we know each other and now it’s time I ask you to be my love forever? Please accept my love and commitment and continue to be with me forever.

Truly in love

Steven Philip