A romantic leap year proposal is a proposal made in the leap year. It gives an opportunity to propose their loved ones in most romantic way. People who have been waiting for long time to express their feelings for someone can make the most out of this extra day in the shortest month of the year. Proposing your love in the leap year shows your desperation and commitment for the relationship.

It is an indicator that you want to grab every opportunity to impress your loved ones. In this proposal one must pour his heart out to tell that how much he/she appreciate the love of their life. And they must also show their commitment for a long-life relationship in this proposal. One must do proper research and planning prior to this proposal.

Sample Romantic Leap Year Proposal:


Jennie Adams

C-1, fifth floor, York

North Yorkshire

Dear Jennie,

I adore you from the bottom of my heart; you fill my life with the cool breeze of your love. With you I forget about all my pains and sorrows. The world appears to be the rainbow of happiness when you are around. I long for every date to get to spend some time with you. I want to spend each bit of my life with you. I thank God for sending world’s most loving and caring girl in my life. I take the opportunity of this leap year to express my true love for you: Would you be my partner for the rest of my life?

You’re forever,

Mark Rodger