New York is the city of love; people find various creative ways in the city to propose the love of their life. Romantic New York proposal refers to various methods deployed by the people in New York to propose their special ones. You can choose any option starting from proposing on a dinner till proposing on the sea side. The ultimate aim of any love proposal is to communicate your true feelings in most effective and genuine manner.

In New York people usually love to propose in central park, rainbow room or even on top of the empire city. Based upon the preferences and choices of your beloved, you can choose the destination and style of proposing.

Sample Romantic New York Proposal:


Sarah Casey

C-23, Willow drive

New York

Dear Sarah,

Your love has truly transformed my life into a constant celebration. I always look forward to meet you and spend time with you. You bring the cool breeze of cheerfulness and delight in my life. Your admirable nature and truthful behavior has made me a fan of yours. I do not see any other option for my life except your love. Since I saw you for the first time I know you will be the soul-mate of my being.

Today after four years of our relationship I wish to express my true love and commitment for you. I want to spend rest of my life with you. Will you marry me and be my wife?

Lovingly Yours,

Cohn James