A romantic proposal for kids is a proposal made by parents to express their love and concern for the kids. At times due to the busy schedule parents do not get sufficient time to spend with their kids. In such situation romantic proposal for kids is the best opportunity to make your kids appreciate the depth of your affection towards them. The parents can also share some old experiences to make the children remember about those beautiful moments which they have spent together. Parents must make sure to show that they are always there with the kids and kids can look for their best mate in their parents. These proposals really help to create a strong bond between the kids and the parents.

Sample Romantic Proposal for Kids

Ronnie Peter

A-21, York

North Yorkshire

Dear Ronnie,

We are indeed blessed to get you as our son, and the day you were born is undoubtedly the best day of our life. You have changed our entire world and since you are born our life rotates around you. We both really wish to thank you for being such a lovely child to us. You have always obeyed us. You have always been kind and considerate to others. Everyone in your school and in our family praises you for your behavior and intelligence which makes us feel proud parents. Today we wish to propose you that our love will never change for you. We would like to help and guide you till the end of our lives.

You’re Loving Parents,

Josh & Anna Adams,