Romantic proposal format is a guideline which allows one to frame impressive yet sincere romantic proposals for his beloved. Though they are written following a certain type, each proposal has to be individual and honest. Hence romantic proposal format must be formulated very carefully.

Sample Romantic Proposal Format

Dear: (Mention the name of the beloved)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a romantic proposal must covey the feelings of the proposer towards the beloved. It must be warm and convincing without ornate rhetoric or expressions. Simplicity is the best mode of expressing romantic proposals. However, since romantic proposals are extremely personal and subjective, they can be framed in any way considered suitable. The first paragraph must also talk about some special moments shared between the two in order to sound suitably evocative.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of a romantic proposal must envision the life that the proposer wants to build with his beloved. It must speak of future ambitions dreams and the simple pleasures of life. The proposer must convey the importance of the beloved’s presence in his life and how it has changed him into a better person. He must talk about what it means for him to lose her and how she brings an element of stability in his life. This is the most important and decisive part of the proposal.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must form the conclusion to the romantic proposal. It must embody the actual declaration of love followed by a small token of affection being gifted to the beloved as per the proposer’s wishes.