Romantic proposal template represents the layout which is presented by a lover to his or her love by confessing the feelings. The wordings on such kind of template should be strong enough to touch his or her heart.


Sample Romantic Proposal Template

My dear _________________________ [name of the person for whom the proposal is being written]


Date ____________ [(dd/mm/yy) date of making the proposal]


Finally, I gathered up courage for confessing my heartfelt feelings for you. It might be years that the situations around us kept my tongue tied from proposing you but at last that moment has come to say you how much I feel for you.

Be the first or last thought of the day you are the one is constantly guarding my dreams and soul. Your feelings are so deep imbibed in me that in touches my soul every moment. Therefore, I don’t think I need a formal proposal to say you what I feel for you and how my each day brightens up just seeing your face.

I have a strong desire to be loved by you as well and want to share my love for you throughout life. I think my love is that much strong that it would never disappoint you and will make you happy till my last breath.

I just have one request if you would accept my proposal then it would be a respect to my true feelings for you.



______________ [name of the person by whom the proposal is being written]