Romantic proposals mark a special moment of every individual’s life. They must hence be cherished, memorable and extremely sincere. Romantic proposals must be framed carefully so that they are not vague, but they should also convey a sense of spontaneity. Romantic proposals must be uttered at opportune moments as the moment matters almost as much as the message itself. They must not be clichéd and they must convey the fact that a lot of thought has gone into them. Romantic proposals must convey warmth, sensitivity and the love that forms the basis of such proposals.

  • Romantic proposals must be framed in a way that they are highly subjective and personal.
  • They must not be over-familiar or offensive in any manner.
  • They should be kept simple and effective otherwise they may end up sounding rhetorical and hollow.
  • They should be made imaginative and memorable. They must be special and unique as they mark the beginning of an important phase of one’s life.
  • Romantic proposals, according to a person’s personal choices, may be made at a quiet dinner or at a more public place.
  • Romantic proposals can be accompanied by a small token of endearment as that adds to the moment and makes it more special.