A sample romantic wedding proposal depicts and denotes the sincerity and eternal bondage of two people going for marriage. A romantic wedding proposal should be written with great care and affection as it is on this proposal a new and bright chapter of a couple’s lives depend. Proposing marriage in a sensitive way is the ultimate motto of a wedding proposal.


Sample Romantic Wedding Proposal

Dear Margaret


This proposal is just a mere try on my part to let you know of my love for you. I cherish all the moments we have spent together and each have been etched in my mind forever. With you my life has taken a complete turn, a new ray of hope, happiness and completeness has filled my life. Thank you for all your support at times when the entire world left my hand and you were the one who kept faith on me and held on to my shaking hands. Now times have changed, circumstances have changed but the only thing which has remained unperturbed is you.


You are the source of my courage, strength, because of you I can face the world, fight with the world. Whenever you are near I feel complete, so I would like to give a name to our relationship and fulfil my duty to take your responsibility for ever. I propose you to be my better half for the rest of my life and make my life worth its value by marrying me. So will you be mine forever?