A royal wedding proposal is one which is made by a member of a royal family. It must be dignified but stateliness can be eschewed for the occasion. The royal wedding proposal must be sincere and muted. However, depending on the temperament of the proposer a royal wedding proposal can be more effusive.

Sample Royal Wedding Proposal

My beloved Althea,

I just want to say to you that I love you with my whole heart. I want to marry you, but first I must point out the drawbacks of becoming a royal bride. Despite the commonly perceived glitz and glamour, being a royal bride is not easy. The constant media scrutiny, the pressure to keep up appearances and the incessant and insatiable public adoration can crack the best of us. I do not know whether I have any right to expect you to join this world. But my love knows no bounds, and for selfish considerations alone, I will ask you to marry me.

I wish I can promise you a perfect life but I cannot. I do not know what the future has in store for us and how you will life being part of such a family. But I am willing to find out with you by my side. With you holding my hand, I can take on the world. Despite my absences from you, despite all the rumors that you will be inevitably subjected to, and despite all the pressures of being a royal bride, I can only hope that your faith in me and my love for you shall remain unshakable.

Yours honorably,


Date: 12th July 2011