A rural development project proposal is a document which outlines the points that must be kept in mind while designing such a project. It serves as a blueprint which will serve as a guide to the creation of the project and will also assist as a source of reference in case of troubleshooting. Thus, it is of vital importance and must be framed well with a lot of thought.

Sample Rural Development Project Proposal

Name of rural development project: Improvement of Cattle Farming in Maryland

Date of submission of proposal: 21st May 2011

Proposal submitted to: State department authorities in Maryland

Reason for proposal:

  • Maryland is famous for its cattle farms. We breed cattle producing high quality beef and farms are generally held by families.
  • Recently, the indiscriminate use of fertilizers in the area is causing the quality of our beef to deteriorate significantly. The health of our cattle is at stake and consequently, the customers of our beef are at health risk to.
  • We hope you will consider our suggestions and incorporate them as part of your rural development scheme.

Our suggestions:

  • The use of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers must be restricted in this area. Proper monitoring must be done to ensure that rules are not breached.
  • Cattle must undergo mandatory and stringent quality checks to ensure that we deliver the highest quality beef to our distributors.
  • The government must provide incentive schemes so that these old and venerable farms continue to function like they have always done. Monetary and logistical aid is an absolute necessity.