A rural employment proposal is a document which is prepared by an NGO or a similar organization working with rural welfare, for the allowance of funds or sponsorship programs for rural upliftment. Such a proposal must be written clearly and all the stated purposes must be clearly explained to ensure transparency. The honesty of the initiative must come through.

Sample Rural Employment Proposal

Rural employment proposal created by: Friend Pvt. Ltd.

Country of origin: The United States.

Year of establishment of non-governmental organization: 1990

Rural employment proposal submitted to: Chief Deputy Minister, Ministry of Rural Affairs, Government of India.

Purpose of rural employment proposal:

  • We are a non-governmental and charitable organization established in the US. We have a commanding presence in over thirty developing and underdeveloped countries including vast stretches of the African continent and in Asia.
  • Through our rural employment project, we aim to provide a sustainable livelihood to farmers in remote villages in two states of India, West Bengal and Maharashtra.
  • The rates of farmer suicides in these two states prompted us to consider them as our starting point. Our proposal includes further details of how we expect the project to unfold.
  • We hope to be considered for funds and grants from your ministry, as our work is such that without appropriate funds, it will be nearly impossible to make a difference.
  • We have also applied to and received funds from international agencies like the United Nations and hence we can assure you of you honest intentions and credibility.

We hope you hear from you soon:

Jason Cartridge,

Program Manager,

Friends Pvt. Ltd.

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