Sales and marketing proposal is one of the important documents laid by the concern authority of any business organizing their thoughts and plans for the particular purpose. Hence, such a proposal should be constructed outlining all the important aspects of the business and the forthcoming plans so that it could obtain high response from its targeted clients.

Sample Sales and Marketing Proposal

Name of the product: Ardent Lipsticks                     Date: 3rd February 2011

Title of the proposal: Sales and marketing regulation of the new range of products.

Proposal created by: Jerkily Morgan

Sales and Marketing- Manager

Executive Summary:

For ages, Ardent lipsticks are popular among women for its unique shades and quality. We offer a wide range of collection and our products are highly appreciated by our customers. These appreciations have always encouraged us to manufacture even better products. Thus, we have newly released a range of lipsticks which are made up of “Stay Put” Technology. This technology would help the lipstick to stay on for a long time and it would not smear or fade. This new range of products comes in three shades namely Lavender, Cranberry and Rose Red. Moreover, these lipsticks also have the Pearl gloss composition which gives a glossy effect to the lips and sooths it.

Sales and Marketing Plans:

  • Marketing process would be regulated through advertisements in various channels, fashion magazines and newspapers.
  • Various fashion websites would also circulate the sales and marketing process.

Estimated Budget for sales and marketing regulation: $2500 approximately

Proposal will remain till: 15th February 2011

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