Sales consultant proposal is one that is made by a person who works as a consultant in the field of sales. A sales consultant drafts a proposal in order to offer his sales services in the form of consultancy that includes all the activities that the sales consultant will undertake. The proposal also contains information regarding the terms of providing sales consultancy to the company including the fee charges for consultancy.

Sample Sales consultant proposal

Name of the sales consultant – Rodrick Thomson

Office address of the consultant – #2, Bershire, Manchester, London, BU22

Sales consultancy proposal date – 12th June 2013

Proposal purpose – Increasing sales of products for a period of one year

Details of proposal –

  • The sales proposal is for consultancy services offered by the sales consultant and not intended for any other purpose.

  • The sales consultant provides consultancy for the purpose of helping the company in increasing sales of products for a period of one year by advising on better sales strategies and marketing techniques.

  • The sales consultancy does not include a contract for job and is limited to the terms agreed upon by the company.

  • If the sales consultant is not able to show desired positive results for improving sales of the company then company has right to terminate the services of the sales consultant with immediate effect.

  • The sales consultant will not be responsible for the results of the sales team in any way and will only provide guidelines for improvement in sales.

Sales Consultant Fees –

  • The sales consultant should be paid fees of 4000 pounds for the entire sales project which will be paid equated for each month.

  • The company will be responsible to bear all charges related to office maintenance and stationery used by the sales consultant or on reimbursement basis whichever is agreed upon by the company.