A sales job proposal is an official offer given by a sales company to recruit salesmen for effective sale and demonstration of products. It encapsulates the tenets of the job along with the intricacies of the profession. The proposal should clearly indicate the amount of remuneration the employee would be entitled to.

Sample Sales Job Proposal

Name of the company: Jojoba Cosmetic Company

Proposal prepared by: Daisy Spanza, Public Relations Officer

Company Profile:

Jojoba Cosmetic Company is known to have created a niche in the cosmetic industry with its high definition cosmetics. We offer the best of solid products that are handcrafted and environment friendly too. We have two lakh employees working at present and the number is still soaring.

Objectives behind the proposal:

The company is planning to launch a new cosmetic range in the market soon. The target of our company is to increase the product sales by 2% from this financial year to the next with the help of efficient and knowledgeable salesmen.

Requirements of the candidates:

We are looking for an efficient salesman with remarkable communication skills to demonstrate products. He should have sound knowledge about cosmetic products to precipitate a good impression on customers. Candidate is expected to have good command over language and great convincing power. Candidate with a major in applied psychology will be preferred. He should know the different techniques of compliance and be adept at handling customer idiosyncrasies.

Tentative salary (per annum): $5,670,000

Note that the last date of validity of the sales job proposal is 15th October 2011.