A sales promotion proposal is a document prepared with an aim to increase the sale of a product. The promotion of sales is achieved through proper execution of plans that are systematically laid down by the proposing company. The company may consult the marketers to reach the target sale through revised planning.

Sample Sales Promotion Proposal

Name of the organization: Dutch Glass World

Goods produced by the company: Glass items including:

  • Window glasses
  • Glass plates and cutlery
  • Eye glasses
  • Glass mirror

Company which is given the proposal: The Distributing Branch of the manufacturing company

Date of proposal: 25th January, 2011

Basic tenet of the proposal: We intend to increase the product sale of our company that has taken a backseat in the recent months as measured through the data acquired. Therefore the sales promotion needs to be attended to without delay and necessary steps to be instantaneously taken for proper execution of sales plans.

The plans and strategies for the sales promotion have been given here:

  • The distribution of the products should be branched out in different sections and cover major parts of the city.
  • Talks should be done with international distributors to avoid centralization of product sale within the country only.
  • The advertising agency in charge of the marketing of the products should try and explore all the media including online services to market the products worldwide.
  • The dealers should be made aware that the products should not be tampered with or sold illicitly.

Hull Goody

Chief Sales Manager, Dutch Glass World