A sales proposal example must clearly indicate the nature and function of a sales proposal. Sales proposals are documents which outline a particular individual or organizations plans in selling a product, based on certain guidelines. They must be written with great care in order to be effective and valuable. Sales proposals form the first basis on which the salesmanship of the seller is to be judged, hence they are extremely important.

Sample sales proposal example

Name of product: Jacob’s Homemade Pasta

Client base that is chiefly catered to: The target client base in men and women from the age group 20 to 50.

Features of the product that will be focused on: The homemade quality of the pasta is to be exploited. This is going to be its chief selling point. The natural ingredients and the lack of chemical preserves will be our key area of focus for promoting and publicizing Jacob’s Homemade Pasta.

Costs to be accrued in the initial stages of promotion: $200000

Media to be used for promotion: Jacob’s Homemade Pasta will be chiefly promoted by television media. We also intend ad campaigns in leading newspapers as well as magazines, especially lifestyle magazines. Also, the top chefs of the country will be approached to endorse this product lending credibility and publicity.

Time of completion of the initial stages of project and preview of first ad: 5.5.2011

Time of launch of product: 6.5.2011

Price of product: $10

Availability: Jacob’s Homemade Pasta will be available in all leading retail chains of the country