A sales proposal follow up is a mandatory step in any sales pitch. It involves getting in touch with the person or organization to which the sales proposal has been made and judging their reaction. Even if the reaction is negative, this process of sales follow up is useful in taking note of the reasons for rejection and improving the areas of concern.

Sample Sales Proposal Follow Up


Mr. Jason Ichenbald

American Copiers and Printers

Subject: Sales Proposal Follow Up

Respected sir,

This letter is part of our sales proposal follow up strategy. We believe in letting our clients have ample time before they decide on our offer and we realize that sales proposal follow ups can often make customers irritated and impatient. However, we also believe that we have the strength to face even negative reviews and therefore we would be obliged if you could tell us where you stand with respect to our sales proposal made a month ago.

We value constructive criticism and thus if our sales proposal has any flaws we would indeed be very grateful to you if you could tell us what those flaws were. We are constantly looking to improve ourselves and thus any criticism or insightful comment you can offer will be of great help to us.

If you have decided to take up our offer we can promise you full sincerity and cooperation from our side. If you are still undecided, please let us know so that we can plan our course of action accordingly. We hope to hear from you soon,

Thanking you,

Angela Carter,

The Ink Factory